MERIKA Project Kick-off Event, 22nd September 2014



MERIKA Project Office, EO, UHI

Damian Collins, Project Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Manager

Nicholas Oakley, Project Administration Officer

Lews Castle College, UHI


Arne Vögler, Marine Energy Engineer

Donald Armstrong, Research Associate

David Christie, Research Fellow

James Morrison, Research Associate

Environmental Research Institute, UHI


Philip Gillibrand, Senior Research Fellow

Jennifer Loxton, Research Associate

Marie-Lise Schläppy, Research Fellow

 Scottish Association for Marine Science, UHI


Marcello Graziano, Research Associate

Lucy Greenhill

Jasper Kenter, Senior Research Fellow

Denise Risch, Research Associate

DSC01222DSC01310 DSC01303 DSC01301 DSC01300 DSC01297 DSC01291 DSC01282 DSC01277 DSC01273 DSC01270 DSC01266 DSC01261 DSC01256 DSC01252 DSC01251 DSC01241 DSC01239  DSC01231 DSC01227


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